Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barton Perreira Women’s Sunglasses for 2009

The new king of high-end sunglasses, Barton Perreira, is releasing a maelstrom of 31 new styles for 2009 and I’ll be presenting as many here as possible.  If you are not familiar with them yet, you really should be.  They started only over a year ago when two of Oliver Peoples' strongest members (1 design genius, 1 business genius) split off and started their own thing.  They intended to occupy the high end of the sunglasses world, where a lot of brands exist only because of their name, not because of design or quality.  This is where Barton Perreira separates itself from the rest.   

I’ll begin with the women’s styles.  Here are a few select models:

Barton Perreira Emmanuelle Sahara Snake Small

The Emmanuelle (above) was very popular in 2008 and could be spotted on celebrities such as Milla Jovovich and Jada Pinket.  This year they have made a smaller version and added a new style, called Sahara Snake.  The Emmanuelle will be a popular style in 2009 because it is not too over the top and will be great looking for years.  It retails for about $455 U.S.

Barton Perreira Harlequin Smoky Topaz

The first new pair is called Harlequin.  It is quite different from any other models in the line.  The design on the temples is very intricate and is hand-painted.  It retails for about $515 U.S.

Barton Perreira Riviera Violetta

Riviera is an over-sized style which I imagine is going to be big in 2009.  It is very edgy and outspoken, and will don the faces of a few celebrities.  It’s got a nice dash of attitude all the while maintaining its luxurious charm.

Barton Perreira Genevieve Scarlet

Genevieve is the simpler of these three models, but has nice detailing where the temples meet the frame in the shape of a metallic bow.  The lens shape is also more laidback and subtle, and matches the lines of the frame very smoothly.  Low key luxury.

I’ve been waiting to see new designs from Barton Perreira and I must say that I am quite impressed.  All of the models this year were designed by Patty Perreira and she has again raised the bar.  I was basically hoping for something along these lines, especially with the way they are colored, allowing light to change how the sunglasses look.   

If you’ve got the bankroll and want to stand out, you simply can’t go wrong with Barton Perreira.  They are available at only the classiest retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Fred Segal and Bergdorf Goodman.  There are many more styles for 2009, just check the website or updates here.   

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Mini! said...
December 18, 2008 at 2:47 PM

Wow. Can't wait to see the dude models for '09. I freakin' love the '08 line.

Thrifty Table said...
June 22, 2009 at 2:18 PM

I am loving the Barton Perreira Emmanuelle Sahara Snake glasses, totally up my alley!

I am on my way to the US tomorrow and first stop will be Cole Haans, second might be Optika!

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