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Bloc Eyewear 2009

There are tons and tons of sports eyewear brands out there.  Some get famous and become global names, some don’t.  Some charge a weeks wages, some a day.  Today we are looking at Bloc Eyewear, which is on the friendlier end of the scale.  Bloc sunglasses are designed for sports and active lifestyles.  The brand began in the U.K. in 1988 and has slowly grown internationally.  They are available in about 15 countries over the world and are growing, but are still most popular in the U.K. I’ve taken an early look at the 2009 line and they are nice simple designs.

Bloc Eyewear Predator

Predator is a great sport design which has a traditional shape and great sporting features.  It is part of their “performance sport” series.  The Bloc eyewear frames are made from tough Nylon 66 and TR-90, so the are almost indestructible.  Predator also sports some venting on the bottom of the frames, reducing drag.  It retails for £40.

Bloc Eyewear Turin

Turin is part of the pure series and is more of a lifestyle frame.  The temples have smooth clean lines on them and there is some nice detailing around the lenses.  Although a lifestyle frame, Turin carries the same materials as the sportier designs to, so could be used for casual sports activity as well.  It retails for £35.

Bloc Eyewear Scorpion

Scorpion immediately comes off as a design engineered for aggressive sports and is part of the “performance sports” series.  It has sharp and cut edges a looks very in-your-face.  There is also a large strip of rubber along the inside of the temples to keep them from moving while doing sports.  Scorpion retails for £ 40   

The Bloc eyewear range for 2009 is a strong one, and contains many traditional shapes and sizes, as well as a few more aggressive and edgy shapes.  The thing that immediately strikes me as I look over them is of course the price.  Bloc eyewear contains many of the features that some of the big names in sports eyewear have, but at often half the price.  If you need a pair of sports eyewear but do want to drop serious coin on them, then you would be smart to go with Bloc eyewear.   

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