Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tyga Sunglasses in G-Shit Video

Tyga has released yet another generic and low-budget video. This is one of those videos where it is just a bunch of people partying around a pool. However, this time it looks like they use low-grade home video cameras to shoot it.  This kind of video got old in 1995.  It looks like things are bottoming out for Chris Brown.  The sunglasses, however, are looking nice.

Chris Brown Sunglasses - Super Sideviews

Tyga - Super Francis Ciccio

This video is almost like an advertisement for Super sunglasses, as both Tyga and Chris Brown are wearing them. Tyga goes back and forth between Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglasses and Super Sunglasses Ciccio in black and gold. Chris Brown's sunglasses are Super sunglasses Sideview.

Super Francis Ciccio available at Amazon (follow link):
Super Sunglasses The Ciccio Flat Sunglasses in Black & Gold,Sunglasses for Unisex, One Size,Black & Gold

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