Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lil' Wayne Sunglasses in Knockout Video

Despite being incarcerated, Lil' Wayne has managed to released a series of singles and videos.  The latest video is for the song "Knockout", from the critically panned album Rebirth.  The video features Nicki Minaj as Wayne's "love" interest.  The song, and the album, are a depart from the usual Lil' Wayne hip-hop.  I appreciate him trying something new, but this one misses the mark huge.  I think he should stick with Lolipops.

Lil' Wayne Sunglasses in Knockout Video

The sunglasses he is wearing here and Super Sunglasses Flat Top.  They are a great pair and have become really popular with rappers.  Get a pair at Amazon:

Lil Wayne Vevo

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