Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrity Sighting – Sienna Miller Sunglasses – Tom Ford Cary 182

I spotted Sienna Miller in this classically shaped style by Tom Ford called Cary.  This multi-talented star is of course known for her fashion choices and designs, and is copied everywhere she goes.  The styles’ name is an obvious reference to Cary Grant and the 50’s classic esteemed look, however the shape is not told old as to look dated.  

I guess it works

Tom Ford Cary Sunglasses 182

The Tom Ford “T’s” stick out quite nicely and this style really fits Sienna Miller.  Sunglasses by Tom Ford are all quite distinctive and eye catching and truly of high quality.   The price is about $250.   

This frame available at Frames Direct:

Source: Splash News
            Tom Ford

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