Monday, February 2, 2009

Celebrity Sighting - Rihanna and Colab Eyewear Wiener Sunglasses

Enjoying success with the successful lately is Colab Eyewear, again seen on the face of one of the biggest names in celebrity fashion, Rihanna.  She is wearing their model the Wiener, a pair which is quite unique.  These photos are from the American Music Awards.

If you can see, there is a piece of something like a rubber band wrapped around the bridge, so the pair looks as though it has been repaired.  There are many similarly cool designs on the Colab Eyewear website which you should check out.   

With Rihanna, sunglasses are always an accessory to keep an eye on, because she takes care when she chooses.  In fact, that’s just the beginning with her.  Check the search function on the blog for more pictures of her.   

Source: Colab Eyewear 


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