Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barton Perreira Jeweled Collection 2009

Expanding on their Jeweled collection in 2009, Barton Perreira has added a few items for the more heavily-pocketed among us to peruse.   

Both models are a spin-off of Emmanuelle, perhaps their most popular frame last year.

Emmanuelle Pink Diamonds.  2.85 carats of luxurious hand placed diamonds for your spending wonder.  The pinnacle of luxury.  It retails for $50,000.

Emmanuelle Leopard is simply gorgeous.  3.59 carats of diamonds bathed in gold.  It retails for $29,000.

Barton Perreira have an exclusive deal with Lugano diamonds for this year to makes all of the pieces in the Jeweled collection and it only adds to their value.  Lugano diamonds is an international jeweler focusing on specialized pieces, as we clearly see here.  They are well known in California among fine jewelers and are the perfect match for Barton Perriera.  There are also a few more models available but you’ll have to contact Barton Perreira directly for more information.   

Source: Barton Perriera        
             Lugano Diamonds

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