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Oliver Peoples Sunglasses for Spring and Summer 2009

I get a lot of people asking me about what’s coming out next year, and what’s going to be popular.  To be honest, I think a lot of it is going to be the same as 2008.  You just need to look at the top brands to know what is going to rule the streets, because sometimes it really is them that makes the decisions.   

Take Oliver Peoples sunglasses.  They have been a standard on the faces of many Hollywood stars for years now and in 2009 they are sticking with a lot of classic style frames and adding subtle touches here and there.  I’ve been looking at their 2009 line and there are a lot of great models.  We’ll look at three here today.


The first model is called the Bartley and is a great aviator style.  It looks very classic, but the subtle modern touches are really nice.  They’ve used titanium for the temples, so you know it will be lightweight.  Also, the large double-bridge gives it a really powerful feel, but will still probably look great on everyone’s face.


Sheldrake (above) is apparently inspired by the style of Andy Warhol.  The frames are hand-made acetate and the different colors are beautiful.  This frame can be for optical lenses or sunglasses. Being able to see the wire frame on the inside of the acetate is a nice touch.  Finally, the shape of the bridge is quite unique.  It is similar to an old Persol shape, but there is no other like it.


Tayla carries on the current oversized feminine trend that doesn’t want to go away.  This model is part of their “Suspended Metal Series”, which means you can see the base metal frame sort of floating inside of the acetate.  This is a common look with Oliver Peoples this year and looks great in the Tayla.  Moulded after the mod look of the 60’s, this glamorous frame will look great on a lot of people next year.

If you are looking for classic shapes with modern finishing, Oliver Peoples is a great choice.  There are many other interesting models for next year so make sure to check them all out.    

The Bartley retails for about $320, Sheldrake $220 and Tayla $390.

Source:  Oliver Peoples

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