Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebrity Sighting - Jason Statham and Mykita Rolf Sunglasses

Jason Statham has come a long way in a short time.  I first saw him as “Turkish” in “Snatch” and have been a huge fan ever since.  It seems like in the last two years there has always been a movie in the theatres with him in it, and the latest is “Transporter 3”, where he continues to kick ass and do his best working through a plot so riddled with holes and over the top action sequences it became a comedy for me.

Good sleeze

In this recent photo, he is seen wearing a newer model by Mykita called “Rolf”.  Rolf is different from a typical aviator frame in that the top inside part of the lenses near the bridge have been angled downwards, giving it a dash of sleeze.  This seems to work with Jason.    

Mykita sunglasses have been getting popular with celebrities and Mr. Statham has been seen several times wearing different styles.  They focus a lot on innovation and just like their other models, Rolf is free of screws and uses a unique hinge system.  I’m excited for their new 2009 line which I hope to feature soon.   

The Rolf retails for about €225 many places online.   

Source: Mykita 

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