Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Puzzle Sunglasses by Guillaume Bordas

Looking almost like something that would come out of a designer cereal box, these puzzle sunglasses by French designer Guillaume Bordas are truly something you’ve never seen.  They come complete with enough pieces to put your frame and lenses together, and have a useful instruction page just to do so.  This is the first pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen that you need to put together after buying, but I assure you they are much better looking and cooler than anything you’d find at Ikea.

A little worried about how they would look on me

Even the instructions look cool

Guillame Bordas hails from French but current lives in Hong Kong.  He does all kinds of design, including furniture, electronics and photo editing.  With a creative mind like that, I’m hoping he continues with different sunglass styles.   I can’t say I particularly like the shape of the final product, but the construction and design are outstanding.    

Source: TrendsNow

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