Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunglasses in the Movie Ironman

Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman is simply the best cast role in 2008 up to this point. In terms of attitude, style and cachet, there couldn’t have been a better choice. His delivery of the character is going to be remembered for a long time and somewhere, in a small dark corner, I can hear Superman quietly sobbing. The character was brought out to an even greater degree by his slick suits and stylish sunglasses. My favourite pair in the movie was the one in the first few scenes in Afghanistan, where he stole the show and set the stage. I looked around and found out that he is wearing Ray Ban RB 3320, and if it doesn’t bother you to buy sunglasses online, there are several websites offering them.

I have to be honest that I was not excited to see this movie, but it was a lot of fun and I’m sure the second and third installments will be just as good. Did anyone notice the director’s role in the film?

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