Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best Booth at MIDO 2008

The nicest booth at the MIDO show was none other than Maui Jim, who obviously poured a lot of money into it. Supporting the Hawaiian theme, there were beautiful women giving out lei's and saying, “Aloha”, and all of the employees (who were Italian) were wearing Hawaiian shirts, shorts and sandals. Quite a scene.

This slick booth was no doubt funded by the prices you have to pay to buy Maui Jim sunglasses, and the booth really held up their premium image. The soft soothing tones of reggae were warming the area, and finely dressed Europeans sat on couches and talked about all things Maui Jim. There didn’t seem to be any new models available, they were there just to remind everyone of how cool they are, and it worked. The booth was really popular and was overflowing with people. They did a good job of keeping people interested in them, for at least another year.

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