Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cassius Eyewear - MIES

Cassius Eyewear is a brand that launched only in 2008 but has gained some traction already.  They are definitely subtle in design and shape.  I've seen a few pairs before, but MIES caught my eye.  The brand is big on classic shapes and likes to keep the logo low-key.  You won't see big fake diamonds on the sides of these frames.  The coloring and shape speaks for itself.

 Cassius Eyewear MIES

MIES is an aviator shaped frame that has some excellent detailing.  If you look closely (click pictures) you'll see the pattern built into the temples and bridge.  It's this attention to detail which makes MIES different from you standard boring aviator.

Cassius has many more interesting frames.  Check out their site for more.

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