Monday, May 24, 2010

MacGruber Sunglasses - Will Forte

SNL returns to the big screen with MacGruber, which pokes fun at the cheesy MacGyver of the 80's.  Mullets... I've seen the preview and hope that it is not like many of the recent SNL films.  Come to think of it, it's really been awhile since there has been a good one.  Most people say that Wayne's World was the last good SNL film.

MacGruber Sunglasses - Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators

MacGruber wears lots of different aviators in the film and they look identical to Ray-Ban 3025 aviators.  They probably are Ray-Bans, but the brand marking seems to have been removed or I just can't make it out in these pictures.

If you want MacGruber's look, go and and get yourself some plaid, acid washed jeans, a proper mullet and pick up a pair of the Ray-Bans.

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