Friday, January 29, 2010

Balmain Sunglasses – A First Look

The Balmain fashion house is releasing their first pair of sunglasses, cashing in their massive popularity of late. This is the Balmain I.

Balmain Sunglasses - Balmain I

Known in the past for their dresses and extreme take on glamour, they've reinvented themselves in the last few years through the work of designer Christophe Decarnin , who has created a more modern feel and has seriously driven up the prices.

This pair is a fairly conservative start for their sunglasses line. The wire frame the runs across the bridge is classy looking and the feel of the pair will go well with a huge range of different styles. It's definitely wearable in everyday life, but at $595 a pair, few will have the chance.

Source: BlackBook

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