Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9five Sunglasses Fall 2009 Collection – Skate Sunglasses

In clothing there is literally a brand to fill every niche – B-boy, rocker, goth, crackhead, preppy, etc.. With the start of the new brand 9five, we now have sunglasses for skaters. This is their first year on the scene and I imagine not the last.

The styles for their Fall 2009 collection are fairly conservative, basing a lot of the frames on some classic shapes. Where they shine is in the coloring. What we see are some nice gradient shades and lenses, pastels, blues and translucents.

9five sunglasses - Cult Classic

9five sunglasses - DM-83

9five sunglasses - Blocks

9five sunglasses - Major

Perhaps the nicest thing about these are the cost. You can get a pair for about $50 US. Check out their full collection and excellent skate videos on their site.

Source: 9five, Hypebeast

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