Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review: Maui Jim Keiki

The good people at Maui Jim have sent me a recent release from their new line to take a lot at and talk to you about today.  It’s called the Keiki and it’s among a release of over 5 new models from the Hawaiian brand.  Maui Jim sunglasses are known for their quality materials, modern looking shapes and specifically for the fact that every pair comes with polarized lenses.  Let’s take a more particular look at Keiki.

Frames: What caught me immediately is the size of the frames.  This pair is very delicate and much smaller than your typical pair of Maui Jim’s and others I’ve reviewed here.  The metal temples are very thin, but not very flexible.

Maui Jim Keiki - I love the lenses

Features: The most striking feature of this pair is the polarized lenses.  If you are unfamiliar with Maui Jim polarized lenses, take a look here at another review of Maui Jim.  Another interesting aesthetic part of the pair is how the lenses sit in the frame.  They actually stick out from the front of the frame, which is quite atypical.  This gives them a unique and tailored feel.  I love it. 


Maui Jim Keiki - Great package

Packaging: The sunglasses come with a micro-fibre bag which doubles as a wash cloth, a hard (very hard) case and the paper packaging on the outside.  The hard case is of a very durable material and can probably be tossed around in your bag or glove box.   

Cost: The price of Keiki is about $249   

Conclusion: Maui Jim has moved away from oversized sunglasses and gone toward a simplified modern look with the Keiki.  For a strong casual beach look, they are excellent.  Despite having rubber pads on the side, I would stay away from them for sport usage.  The packaging is again excellent and the carrying bag is very attractive.  A simple but good look from Maui Jim sunglasses.   

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