Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alain Mikli Sunglasses – First Look

Today we are going to take our first look at Alain Mikli sunglasses on the blog.  The famed French designer of high-end handmade sunglasses has been making his eyewear for over 20 years and is popular with European celebrities.  Recently, he’s become better known in America because he made the sunglasses seen in Kanye West’s video for Stronger.  Here is a look at three models from the current line.

Alain Mikli Sunglasses - A0836

With this first frame you will notice the care put in when choosing colors.  It’s hard to see from the pictures, but the frame is actually translucent with patterned black acetate running through it.  It is finished with the red tops over the eyes, which are also partially translucent.  They style is similar to a cat-eyes shape, but the angles are not as sharp as vintage cat-eyes sunglasses.

Alain Mikli Sunglasses - A0740

This pair uses a much similar shape and color.  It is somewhat plain for an Alain Mikli style, but is stunning nonetheless.  The white band of color across the front of the sunglasses is basically an extension of the temples and is very bold.


This final style shows how loud Alain Mikli sunglasses can really get.  They are very asymmetrical.  The colors are as just as loud as the shape.  This is of course not something you could wear every day.     

If you have a nice bank roll and want to wear something with a definite European flavour to it, Alain Mikli is one of your best choices in the high-end design sphere.  

Source: Alain Mikli

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