Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses 2009 (504, 441, 448)

It is our first time looking at Roberto Cavalli here on the blog and we are excited to look at some of what’s available for 2009.  We present three models here below.

Roberto Cavalli 504 Sunglasses

This is a standard aviator with minor detail on the temples.  It is definitely more subtle for Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, but that’s not necessarily a good thing as they can be way over the top.  This style will look good on many girls because of its simplicity, but would also go well with formal wear.  The price is about €190.

Roberto Cavalli 441 Sunglasses

This pair is certainly worth note.  The detail in it is over the top, but beautiful.  The temples are exquisite.  There are crystals running from the front to the back of them, and the circles are in fact in the shape of snakes.  Within each snake is the Roberto Cavalli logo.  These have got to be worn with something nice.  Do not bring them to the beach.  The price is about €275.

Roberto Cavalli 448 Sunglasses

The 448 is also no slouch.  Intricate detailing is again the highlight and the design is excellent.  Big circles are very prominent, but if you look at the circles that attach the frame to the temples, you will notice that they are bent and from the front look like C’s, hence Roberto Cavalli.  The price is about €290.

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses’ style is not subtle.  There are always intricate lines, big circles and all kinds of bling.  This year is no exception.  If I had to choose one of the above for a girl, it would be the 448S.    

Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses are available at Frames Direct:

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