Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Gucci Sunglasses 2009 (2985, 2807, 2969, 2935)

Gucci sunglasses, ah, how sweet.  Let’s take a look at four models from the Spring Summer line from Gucci.  Sunglasses are a big part of Gucci and sometimes their design is very strong.  They quality is not as high as many of brands that are made in Japan, but is reasonable.

Gucci Sunglasses 2985 Shiny Black

I really like this style just for the ring on the hinge.  The interlocking Gucci logo is very classy.  It’s a simple style but this little detail really makes it stand out.  The price is $300.

Gucci Sunglasses 2807 Shiny Brown

I’m not a big fan of this style, however, it might look good when wearing it.  It’s always something to keep in mind when looking at sunglasses.  The way the temples are attached to the frames is not smooth and gives it a very technical look, which is usually not what you want from a pair of Gucci sunglasses.  You want class and style.  The price is $375.


Gucci Sunglasses 2969 Dark Purple    

This style is loud and bold and I love it.  The tortoise color detailing in the hinge on the temples is excellent and the oversize gives it a powerful look.  I expect it to be popular this year.  The price is about $345.

Gucci Sunglasses 2935 Black    

This style is clearly a very simple model and is for those looking to show off that they can afford Gucci sunglasses.  I’m not particularly fond it of, but it’s also inoffensive.  It’s a safe bet for someone looking for a plastic wrap.  The price is about $160.   

This really is the first time we’ve presented Gucci sunglasses here and it is nice to see the 2009 line finally.  Look for more about Gucci from us in the future.   

Gucci Sunglasses available at Frames Direct:

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