Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrity Sighting: Katie Price and Luis Vuitton Graffiti Sunglasses

If you are not a fan of the eighties, you might not like these, but all lot of people are fans of LV sunglasses, so maybe they can put aside their dread of the eighties.   

Katie Price was seen wearing this style by Luis Vuitton sunglasses, known for a number of outlandish and popular styles.

The Eighties on your eyes

This style is called Luis Vuitton Grafitti and it certainly feels eighties with the squares shape and neon coloring.  The lens is apparently all glass as well.  The style is a tribute to the artist Stephen Sprouse, who has worked on Luis Vuitton graffiti collections before.    

The price is $560 U.S.D.   

Source: Splash News

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