Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunglasses in the Movie Bride Wars

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway star in this week’s box-office hit the Bride Wars, a comedy about two friends who begin to compete over their plans for the perfect wedding.  There are some great outfits, dresses and jackets in the film, not to mention sunglasses.

This shot is hilarious

In Bride Wars, sunglasses appear when Kate’s character is hiding from her friend and they cover her up really well.  The sunglasses are from Kaenon Polarized and are called Ivory Leila.  The frame and lens colors match very well, and the gold accenting on the side is a nice touch.  This over-sized frame is big and beautiful enough to fit a fashion itch, but not to over the top.  A safe bet.   

Ivory Leila retails for $239.   

Source: Kaenon

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