Monday, December 29, 2008

Celebrity Sighting - Lindsay Lohan and Ray-Ban 3025 Sunglasses

A poster-girl for all things celebrity, Linsday Lohan wears a lot of different sunglasses.  Whether this is to hide from the paparazzi or look fashionable, she’s always covered up.

The tongue has got to be intentional

This picture is hilarious in so many ways (the hair!) because it is not taken from a movie, it’s from the street.  I guess if you are a movie star, your life also becomes a movie.  Lindsay Lohan’s sunglasses in this picture are Ray-Ban 3025, the classic aviator.  She is seen wearing them (and other Ray-Ban models) often, and I think they look good on her.   

You can find this pair at Frames Direct:

Picture: Splash News

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