Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Celebrity Sighting – Anne Hathaway and Jee Vice Red Hot Sunglasses

Anne Hathaway, like Rihanna, has risen a lot lately in the fashion scene for her own personal choices, and the brands she now represents.  It seems like only a few films ago where she was playing lost teenagers, but within one or two films (was it Broke Back Mountain perhaps?) she quickly changed her image and is now leading with a completely persona.   

Not coincidentally, she was chosen for The Devil Wears Prada and she has maintained her sense of fashion in every way.  The new Hollywood fashionista on the block is definitely Anne.  She has a very classy look to her and this has been noticed by brands such as Lancome, who she does promotions for. 

Huge sunglasses

In this shot above she is wearing Jee Vice sunglasses and the model is called Red Hot.  This brand is specifically designed for women.  Founder and designer Phillippe Vergez claims that they are for modern contemporary women and reflect a powerful look.  Having only been started 5 years ago, Jee Vice has grown quickly and is growing with popularity among celebrities.   

Red Hot retails for $230US.  The retail price for their products ranges from $150 - $300.  Check out their website below.    

Source: Jee Vice 
Photo: InStyle

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