Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funk Advertisements and Sunglasses

In what is the best sunglasses advertisement (printed) that I’ve seen this year, Funk Sunglasses has taken one of sunglasses’ most under-utilized functions and made two beautiful posters. The function I’m talking about is hiding the evidence of what you were up to the night before, and keeping those bloodshot eyes under some dark lenses. The slogan fittingly is “No One Needs To Know What You Did Last Night”. There is a male and female version of the poster and the depth and detail is astonishing. In both posters we see the two have been up to no good (depending on your perspective) through different scenes in their night.

What did you do last night?

The advertising campaign has won an award at the Cannes Lions competition and this doesn’t surprise me. Someone put a lot of time into making these scenes of debauchery come to life.

The sunglasses themselves pretty much fit the name. They are simple but funky and I’m sure would do a good job to cover up your bloodshot eyes. Check them out at the Funk Sunglasses website.

Source: Funk Sunglasses

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