Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunglasses in the Movie Tropic Thunder

Having Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. together in a film is basically a gift from the comedy gods to us meager and mildly entertaining common folk. All of these actors have had great success in the last five years (with Robert Downey really on his way up) and it could really be a treat to see them together.

The story behind this movie has got me wondering if it is going to be any good. Basically, a group of actors go to Vietnam to shoot a war movie, which actually devolves into them being in a war and not even knowing it. There is a lot of room for comedy here, and I hope that it really lives up to its potential. Take a look at the poster and a screenshot.

Jack Black Looks Like a Rock Star

Jack Black’s character in the trailer makes me really excited to see Tropic Thunder. His sunglasses immediately stick out (red lenses!) and look like a perfect match for his character (over the top). This style used to be called tea sunglasses, but is now more commonly called John Lennon sunglasses, for fairly obvious reasons.

Even with contacting the production companies, I could not find out what the exact brand is, but I’ll dig further. If you are looking for a pair just like you see in the movie, there are many online shops that have this style, even with red lenses. If anyone knows the exact brand, let me know. Also, if you’ve seen the movie, drop a review.

Photos: Rotten Tomatoes

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