Saturday, May 3, 2008

Review : 720' s Droid

This is the first review of hopefully a full array of different brands and models I will present here. I will try to present many different brands, however, I am limited because of where I am, and the unfortunately high cost of these products.

Living abroad lets you come into contact with brands you would not normally find back home. In Taiwan, 720 is one of, if not the most popular brand. This is mostly because the cost of a pair of Oakley’s or Rudy Projects is really too high for your average person here. Also, 720 is made in Taiwan, as are many other brands we will get to, and are the first cheaper alternative.

720’s Droid is part of their Element Series, designed for a more casual look than their sports styles. I got them a few months ago and have enjoyed them since. I was looking for a pair that I could wear just walking around the city, and these are good for just that.

Frames: The frames are quite simple. They are made of stainless steel and are extremely lightweight. You can hardly even notice them.

Features: Despite its simple appeal, Droid comes equipped with a lot of features. The lenses are what they call Double Impact Polycarbonate, or their version of polycarbonate. They have a hydrophobic layer on them, so water will bead and fall off. Also, there is an anti-scratch layer, which helps because polycarbonate is not naturally scratch resistant. Finally, a seven layer AR film enhances optical clarity.

Packaging: The whole thing came in a hard box. Inside the box was a hard case to carry around with you. Also included was a fibre bag which can be used to carry and clean the glasses.

Cost: I paid 2040NT ($67 as of May 1st, 2008).

Conclusion: A really sharp-looking pair of shades for a stroll outdoors. These are not suited for sports however, as they might fall off. The features cover sport usage, but the look and shape in more casual. At that price you should get a decent pair of shades, at least for metal glasses, and the Droids fulfilled my expectations and fit my needs.

Rating: 8.872/10

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